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First I waited for them to figure out why they keep finding infiltrates in my lungs. (Still no clue.) Then I waited for them to decide what the two nodules in/on my lung and liver are. (Still guessing – adopting a wait and watch strategy.) Next I did a sleep study, waited a week for another sleep study, waited another two weeks for my doctor to come back from vacation.

Now? Had the doctor appointment, found out I’m getting a CPAP machine with supplemental oxygen and am now waiting for the medical equipment company to call again. They called a bit earlier to say they’d gotten the faxed orders, but now they have to wait for insurance company approval before they call me again to set up an appointment to come and show me the ins and outs of the machine … here’s hoping it’s sometime this week since we’re working next week! (Not to mention it’d be really nice to sleep and breathe through the night.)



I got the results of my first sleep study: I stop breathing 11 times an hour when I’m laying awake watching television; when I finally fall asleep, I stop breathing 41 times an hour and my oxygen levels go down to the 70s. I always did like to pick and choose which rules to follow – I guess the one where breathing is an automatic bodily function is one I don’t like.

I have to wait for the results of my second sleep study; my doctor is on vacation and I don’t see her until the 9th of September. I know they’re hoping to get the oxygen up to the 90s without supplemental oxygen, but I won’t find out for another week+. Until then, I’ve given myself permission to nap if I feel like it, without guilt. (Okay, so I have been napping. But with guilt.)

Next up will be figuring out the CPAP mask. I was okay with the one that covered my nose and mouth until I got home the next day and realized that the skin on the bridge of my nose was compromised by just the one night. It’s healing now, but I’m a little worried about the long-term – I have no desire to fight MRSA again. Time for some research. Amazing how the internet has made it so much easier to find things out.

On Tuesday night, I did the first night of what turns out to be a 2 night sleep study. I was hooked up to more wires than I have ever been in my life – even after spending all that time in and out of the hospital years ago. I felt like I was in the Matrix with some Big Brother thrown in there. There were wires sprouting from my forehead, face, neck, top of the head, back of the head, chest, back, legs, and hand. There were two belts around me and two different thingies stuck in my nostrils. (Plastic does not smell pleasant.) Once all that was hooked up, I laid in a bed with a video camera watching me all night … it was mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed and the little green light blinked at me all night.

Then they expect you to sleep!

I’m not sure what was more unnerving, the wires that kept me stiller than usual because I was afraid I’d tear them off or the video camera with someone watching me all night.

I did manage to drift in and out of sleep, and after paying attention the past couple of nights at home, I can say that it actually was a fairly typical night of sleep that they recorded. Apparently not good.  The tech said I’d get a call within 48 hours if they didn’t need me to come back. I got a call. But instead of telling me not to come back, they were calling to make sure that I’d be there next week. They left a message reiterating the date and time and the importance of keeping the appointment, then needed me to call back to confirm that I would be there. I go back this Tuesday for a CPAP mask titration. Same deal as last week, except that someone will be adjusting the mask and rates all night.

Let’s see, I’ve got something in my arm to monitor my blood sugars, something in my abdomen to regulate insulin, and now I’ll be getting something on my face to regulate my breathing.

I am Borg. Resistance is futile. But at least I may finally be able to get a good night’s sleep again!


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