First I waited for them to figure out why they keep finding infiltrates in my lungs. (Still no clue.) Then I waited for them to decide what the two nodules in/on my lung and liver are. (Still guessing – adopting a wait and watch strategy.) Next I did a sleep study, waited a week for another sleep study, waited another two weeks for my doctor to come back from vacation.

Now? Had the doctor appointment, found out I’m getting a CPAP machine with supplemental oxygen and am now waiting for the medical equipment company to call again. They called a bit earlier to say they’d gotten the faxed orders, but now they have to wait for insurance company approval before they call me again to set up an appointment to come and show me the ins and outs of the machine … here’s hoping it’s sometime this week since we’re working next week! (Not to mention it’d be really nice to sleep and breathe through the night.)