I have had Boo-Boo for a little over a year now, and today he did something that hit me over the head with how far he’s come in his (and my) training.

When he first arrived at my house, the first thing he did was escape. Out the door. Down the block and around the corner. He’s a fast little bugger when he wants to be. Luckily, he stopped to greet another dog and the owner walking that dog grabbed Boo and was looking at his tag with a NC number on it when I came driving up. (One of the first things I did was get a tag with my name and number on it.) The second thing he did was pee in the house. He was all over the place, literally and figuratively. When he could escape from the house, he liked to run down the middle of the street and “greet” cars. I’m still amazed he didn’t get run over.

Fast forward to today. I took him on his morning walk, and we got to the corner of Waldemere and Shade, There were a few cars at the intersection. Instead of going to water the lamppost like he usually does before I make him sit as a precursor to crossing the street, he stopped a few yards from the intersection and sat of his own volition and watched the cars. When they finally cleared out (a couple of the drivers sat there smiling at him for a bit) he looked up at me as if to say “okay, no cars, let’s go!”. I said okay and we crossed the street and went on our merry way.

A friend recently pointed out how well he’s doing with staying. At first, just leaving the house was nerve-wracking. He’s faster than I am, and getting out the front door without him escaping was a feat. Now? I tell him to get up on the bench by the front window and stay. Easy peasy. Occasionally he doesn’t want to, but a stern look and pointing finger do the trick. Yay, Boo!


char grilled pizza

Now for the whoops: I am loving my charcoal grill. I seem to be falling into the habit of grilling my food for the week on Saturday or Sunday and packing it away in individual portion containers. (I love the Wean Green glass containers I learned about on the blog La Guerra de La Gorda!) My brain, now that it’s getting enough oxygen to function normally – for me, that is – keeps thinking of new things to try on the grill: baby Bok choy and baby beets were last weeks “innovations”. This week, I thought “Pizza! There must be a way to grill it.” I googled it and sure enough, you can. I read several different sites, figured out what to do, and tried it out today.

Ummm … when they say to grill one side for a couple of minutes, take it off the grill, brush with olive oil and add toppings, and put it back on the grill to cook the other side and the toppings, they mean that the pizza crust gets cooked because you end up grilling both sides of the crust; you put the toppings on the side that was already grilled.

Unless you’re me and that whole dyslexia thing kicks in. The first grilling went fine. I took them off, was about to put the toppings on when my brain went “that’s not right – why am I putting the toppings on the bottom [grilled] part? They need to go on top of the pie.” So I made them up, went back out to the grill to put them on, and went “SHIT. I was right the first time. Now I’m going to have burned bottoms and unbaked tops.”

You know what? They’re delicious anyhow. I put them over indirect heat and closed the lid, then moved them up to the warming rack and closed the lid. They came out crusty but chewy. Next weekend, I’ll try them the “right” way and see which way I like better.